Jan-Joost Rethans


Jan-Joost Rethans
Human Simulation
Maastricht University, Netherlands

After graduating from medical school Jan-Joost Rethans worked 17 years part-time as family physician. He has a PhD in Medical Education from Maastricht University (1990, ‘cum laude’- rating) with a study on incognito standardized patients. In 1998 he joined the Skillslab of FHML, Maastricht University. In 2013 he was appointed as Director of Medical Education Programmes FHML, Maastricht University and is now a Professor in Human Simulation.

In 2004 he joined the Board of Directors of ASPE (Association of Standardized Patient Educators) as first chair of its International Committee. In 2007 he was the first chair of the Simulated and Standardized Committee of the Dutch Society of Medical Education (NVMO). He held positions as visiting professor at Gifu University, Medical Education Development Centre and at Osaka Medical School, Osaka, Japan (2008). In 2010 he received the Outstanding Educator Award 2010 by ASPE as first person outside North America. In 2013 he was awarded as the first Howard S Barrows invited presenter by ASPE. The majority of his papers deal with simulated or standardized patient methodology. Jan-Joost Rethans is married with the love of his life and is a proud father of 5 children

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