‘’In 1970, the Modern Pharmaceutical Company was founded with the goal of becoming the leading healthcare distributor in the UAE. We invested in the best infra structure, systems and people so that our partners and customers were guaranteed the most ‘modern’ facilities possible.

Over time, we achieved our goal, and our partner and customer base grew. We realized that in order to maintain our position as leader and expand into the region, we needed to do more than just provide the best facilities. We needed to understand our partners and customers better, listen to them, talk openly, and work with them to build their businesses as if it were our own.

Today, it is our philosophy that drives everything we do. We believe in creating lasting relationships with our staff, partners and customers, building relationships based on honesty and trust, relations that flourish.’’

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We are authorized distributors of:

  • Basic and advanced patient simulators by Laerdal Medical
  • Course materials by the American Heart Association
  • Clinical and surgical training products by Limbs and Things
  • Harvey® The Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator

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