Rhona Flin


Rhona Flin
Emeritus Professor of Applied Psychology
University of Aberdeen
King’s College, Old Aberdeen, UK

Rhona Flin (PhD, FBPsS, FRSE) is Emeritus Professor of Applied Psychology at the University of Aberdeen. Her research examines human performance in high risk industries www.abdn.ac.uk/iprc with projects on leadership, culture, team skills and decision making in healthcare, aviation and the energy industries. She now conducts research and consultancy on  managers’ safety leadership and on non-technical skills in surgery and in the oil and gas sector. She holds the Roger Green Medal (Royal Aeronautical Society) for aviation human factors research and the John Bruce Medal (College of Surgeons Edinburgh) for behavioural science in surgery.  She is a member of the Safety Advisory Committee for the Military Aviation Authority at the UK MOD. Her books include Safety at the Sharp End: A Guide to Non-Technical Skills (2008) and Enhancing Surgical Performance: A Primer on Non-Technical Skills (2015).

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